Our project teams have been searching the Gale ECCO database for English-language cultural responses to people, places, and events of the Pacific voyages, in an effort to gauge how philosophers, playwrights, poets, and novelists responded to the voyages. We are assembling our database findings in TEI and marking them to analyze their representations of Pacific encounters. We aim here to record and chart how the English Atlantic media responded to the Pacific voyages, and what new perspectives were emerging on humanity and nature between the 1760s and 1790s. Thus far we have assembled the following editions, visualizations, and analyses:

Here are two additional views of our text encoding work on the Seward Elegy:

*This Juxta Commons view was recently compiled from our most recent coding of the poem, which corrected some errors. Unfortunately, the Juxta view does not permit us to view the elaborate contextual encoding our team worked on this spring!