Historic Map Overlay

Below is an historic map of 1769 charting the first Pacific voyages of Wallis, Carteret, and Cook, overlaid upon a modern Google Map of French Polynesia. Clicking on the zoom button, or on the words "French Polynesia," zooms the viewer to render the historic mapping of Tahiti translucently visible within the modern Google view.

This view helps to visually summarize and compare the trajectories of the early Pacific voyages. We have chosen the 1769 French map primarily because of its early publication date and public availability in high resolution (thanks to Geographicus Rare Antique Maps) for our map overlay. Two members of our Fall 2013 mapping group, Gregory Gismondi and Bryan Cardonick, applied a Google Apps script to connect and merge the digitized historic map with a Google Map of the same region. See All Maps: Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures