Captain Cook's Second Voyage


As recorded by James Cook in A Voyage Towards the South Pole, and Round the World

The Google map marks the voyage route plotted from coordinates recorded in Captain Cook's account of his second voyage from 1772-1775. This voyage was especially significant for disproving the idea of a vast temperate continent in the southern hemisphere, and led to more and more precise mapping of Australia, New Zealand, and many Pacific islands. This was also the first global voyage to make use of a chronometer for the recording of longitude. Click on the KML viewer to zoom in, and click on the red compass rose points to view the paragraph from Cook's account surrounding the record of each pair of latitude and longitude coordinates. **The occasionally tangled trajectory of Cook's Second Voyage marked here in KML will require some modification as we continue to study this voyage account and correlate paragraphs with dates where these are unclear.

Since this documents a global voyage, viewers may wish to right-click on the link to download our KML file and view it in Google Earth.