Bibliography Collection of English References to Pacific Topics


This bibliography represents a collaborative effort to compile a list of works published from 1774 to 1797 that contains references to people, places, interactions, events, and objects relevant to Pacific voyages during this time period. Excerpts have been provided from each of these works to illustrate the impact the Pacific voyages of the eighteenth century had on the English-speaking world.

This pie graph helps to summarize our counts of the kinds of cultural interactions our team marked in the passages we excerpted for the bibliography. Most of the cultural interactions, as marked by the collaborators, appeared to register peaceful experiences between Pacific and English-speaking peoples (27% of interactions). However, 21% of these interactions are also marked as points of conflict. The graph and the following bibliography help to demonstrate how Atlantic media was processing early contact experiences in the Pacific: what topics they foregrounded for interest and cultural entertainment.

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